6 Feet Apart and Masked, But In Person

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I recently paid 100 Amazon MTurk workers to participate in my five-minute survey that asked about their job, employer, and the plans their employer may have in the future to navigate the pandemic. The data revealed many exciting trends, such as if you can expect to return to your office this year or not.

Python From the Eyes of an Adventurous Amateur

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Technology has always been in my blood. Since high school, I’ve been repairing computers and am “that guy” that family goes to when they have technical issues. (I’m sure some of you share the same experiences as well.)

My background in technology has led me to believe that learning some code was inevitable. I recently received an Arduino kit from my brother based on C++; that will be exciting to play with when I return to college.

This kit opened a world I’ve been waiting to explore, and my adventurous self wanted to learn other code as well. I…

A quick overview of Visual Studio Code and its features

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When working with code, it’s vital to use a powerful and responsive editor, or better yet, an IDE. A good IDE offers improved code organization, a fluent workflow, and powerful features to make life easier. One such tool is VSCode, created by Microsoft and freely available for anyone to download.

What is an IDE?

IDE stands for “Integrated Development Environment.” In more human terms, an IDE is a programmer’s playground. Most IDEs are backed by a community of contributors that build extensions for the IDEs. …

A Desperate Cry to Remove Bots and Spam Advertisers

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I joined Medium just over a year ago as a place where I could begin publicly writing. I love the platform and see it as a place where ideas and stories can be publicly told to a supportive community of other readers and writers.

In 12 months, I can honestly say that I’ve made my $5 subscription well worth it after reading countless stories about business to inspire me and abuse to make me care and feel the need to protect others. Never in one of those stories have I seen bots noticeably piggybacking in the comments to promote services…

With No Prior Programming Knowledge

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Failure is always an option. I firmly believe this yet find that some were raised in a household that condemns failure and places perfection above all aspects of life. If judgmental parents and strict boundaries ruined your childhood, let’s have a chat, and I’ll send a box of Legos.

However, we’re not all free from the ideals of perfection as we learn this concept from an early age thanks to the A+ or 20/20 we earn on a spelling exam. This system creates a notion that once something has reached perfection, it cannot be improved in any way.

But what…

Putting a price on a priceless meme with a heartwarming story

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I’m a simple college student. I like a great beer, love my friends and a well-defined meme. My need for a quality meme was growing as it’s been a few months since I’ve seen one that’s been enjoyable.

When I opened Instagram the day after Biden’s inauguration, I found my feed littered with pictures of Bernie Sanders everywhere around the United States, from Pittsburgh to Utah.

When Despair Becomes Motivation

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Our fall semester was quite successful in staying on campus and recording a minimal number of student and staff infections. My college maintained a sense of normalcy on campus with prospective student tours still occurring and classes offered in a “hyperflex environment” where we spent a day in class and the next online. A similar environment is expected to continue this spring, yet I was asked to quarantine for ten days by my college.

I consider myself to be a socially active and driven person. During our two month break, I spent most days working at Target and after clocking…

The 5 P’s to Navigating Medium Publications (And Writing in General)

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After publishing just over eighty stories, I’ve learned a few pointers to help me how to improve my chances of being published in a “big” publication.

First things first, my “big” stories have been seen in Better Advice, Runner’s Life, and Never Fear. While these aren’t exactly what one might consider significant, I’ve had a goal to be published in Better Advice, and my story in Runner’s Life was curated. (Thanks for the applause.)

To help improve my chances of being published (and curated), I created a list of five P’s to help myself navigate these publications.

· Production


Much More Than Your Local Farmer’s Market

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You’re in a conversation, and your friend mentions that they want to check out Martin’s Market downtown. You happily agree and decide to go with them.

While there, you notice many types of vendors offering similar products. Jenny’s Jam Junction specializes in some of the best homemade jellies and jams you may consume, while Nelson’s New Nuts may sell his world-famous honey-cinnamon street nuts.

These are similar products as they both are locally grown and made consumable products. Yet, the market mentioned in this story is a micro version of the actual markets in business.

Every market operates precisely this…

Leadership from the Perspective of a Retired Police Lieutenant

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Our police officers spend countless hours of training and ensuring they know to make the best decision quickly. Many recent events have placed police officers at the center of attention, and some citizens have attacked them; the people who are to protect and serve us.

The capitol’s riots were not much different as again; every major media outlet showed the actions of Capitol police. Yet, one angle we don’t often is the behind the scenes of these events, such as the training of these officers.

One would imagine that capitol police are subject to a robust training program that prepares…

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