Python From the Eyes of an Adventurous Amateur

Technology has always been in my blood. Since high school, I’ve been repairing computers and am “that guy” that family goes to when they have technical issues. (I’m sure some of you share the same experiences as well.)

My background in technology has led me to believe that learning…

A quick overview of Visual Studio Code and its features

When working with code, it’s vital to use a powerful and responsive editor, or better yet, an IDE. A good IDE offers improved code organization, a fluent workflow, and powerful features to make life easier. One such tool is VSCode, created by Microsoft and freely available for anyone to download.

What is an IDE?

The 5 P’s to Navigating Medium Publications (And Writing in General)

After publishing just over eighty stories, I’ve learned a few pointers to help me how to improve my chances of being published in a “big” publication.

First things first, my “big” stories have been seen in Better Advice, Runner’s Life, and Never Fear. While these aren’t exactly what one might…

Leadership from the Perspective of a Retired Police Lieutenant

Our police officers spend countless hours of training and ensuring they know to make the best decision quickly. Many recent events have placed police officers at the center of attention, and some citizens have attacked them; the people who are to protect and serve us.

The capitol’s riots were not…

Zach Goreczny

College Student. Coffee Lover. Writes about Leadership, Business, and Data Science.

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