Money ≠ Success

How many movies or TV shows have you use that show an entrepreneur as the criminal or villain. Many I’m sure. People for some reason view success as the enemy, not well… success. If I saw a successful businessman or woman, I would embrace their success and want to know how they got there.

Many see money as an evil which I can understand, but money and success are very different. Money does not equal success and success does not equal money.

There are many reasons that you could obtain money, work for it, have it inherited, do something kind for someone else, get your tax refund back. The simple fact that your wallet is larger than someone else’s means absolutely nothing.

However, you aren’t born into success. We don’t come out of the womb and are already a successful dog trainer. Success is to be worked for and teaches us to learn from our mistakes.
While the steps to obtain both money and success may be the closely related, they are still very different. Many of us know money can’t make us happy, it’s what is done with it, or how its spent. Even then money can buy temporarily happiness.

If I was given $100,000 by some random person, would that make me happy? Sure, but only for a little bit. I would first purchase myself a car that can get me to college and back, then give my family what money they needed for necessities. The rest of the money would be spit between investing into this business and given to a reputable charity.

So, after all that will I be happy? Maybe. It depends on how each choice has affected me and the ones that I care about.

The car would make me quite happy because It would make a 6+ hour bus trip turn into a less than 4-hour drive. It would also give me more freedom to help support my business. Those would both make me happy, but money wouldn’t make a difference after I have that car, just a few bucks here and there for gas and other miscellaneous car expenses.

I would like to point out that the car would be no more than a ’07 Toyota or some related car. I don’t need a $250,000 Bentley to get me to school. If it can drive that few hundred miles once a month and host a one-man karaoke, it’s a great car!

My family would appreciate the money that is given to them and use it for necessities such as food and bills, the disposable income would likely be used for family events such as going mini golfing. Those would both make me happy for a bit.

Investing the money into my business would also make me happy, but that would not be temporary either. I would use the money to build and grow my business. After that initial boost, money wouldn’t make me happy anymore, just the fact that my business is growing would be all I need.

I know that giving to charity is the typical response for, “What should I do with all this money”, but it’s a genuinely kind act. There are charities like Wounded Warrior Project and Charity: Water. These are trusted charities that truly follow their mission statement and their end goal is to better the world and our communities.

So, money does create happiness… for a bit. But its more about what you do with it and how that affects you. Does it create or help you find success?

If you use that $100,000 for everything on your shopping list and still don’t feel like you have accomplished, you have not found success. And in that case, money did not make you happy.
I would question anyone who would say that buying a 24kt gold watch made them happy and find success. Did that make you feel good when you bought it? How about 6 months later? Did it inspire you in anyway? Did you better yourself as a person from this purchase?

If your answer was NO to either of those questions, I would reevaluate your gold watch and ask yourself if it really helped you succeed.

The drive for money and success is different. I have the drive for success now. The moment that I desire money more than success, I would stop, and reevaluate my past few choices.
I created this blog and company to provide affordable computers for anyone who feels that $300 is too much to pay for a computer if its going to be used for basic tasks. The blog portion is to help other entrepreneurs and anyone else who may be interested in my blog.

Why the ads then? Well its simple. This is my side hustle and I spend a decent amount of time providing content to you. Maybe its quality maybe not. The posts that I do advertise something, I genuinely believe that it will help someone, somehow. Business cards can help almost anyone, while a computer hardware set will only help those who want to play with a computer.

So, there is a difference between success and money. Money is an object that is used as a form of payment for goods and services. Boring. Success is when one reached his or her goals and feels a sense of accomplishment.

Success is what drives me, not money. I want this blog and company to succeed. In my mind I have complete the goal when I see that others are succeeding or enabling others to succeed from what they see on my blog.

Did you find something on here that inspires you? Great! Use that as you fuel, your motivation. I want you to believe in yourself and know that no matter the circumstances, you can do great things. Find that success, milk it and give some to others. Create something out of nothing.



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