So what really is a growth mindset?

I don’t know about you but being a business student I hear this term everywhere!

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In the world of business and entrepreneurship it seems like there are two main types of thinking. Growth and fixed. I'm not going to deny that there are two mindsets. I agree with that. I want to focus more on the fact that some people think this is either red or blue, one or the other, which is false.

In a strange way, those who have a growth mindset seem to look down or almost deny the existence of those with a fixed mindset. But before I continue into this rich argument, I’ll define both fixed and growth mindsets using knowledge from my very own mindset.

One with a fixed mindset will typically say there is one best way to plan, attack, and evaluate a problem. They will tend to get embarrassed if they make mistakes or may quit the task they were working on. They might see failure as a cliff, where the task stops and there is really no way to go.

When working in teams, they may get frustrated as others will waste time trying different things, when they can see one clear answer to the problem. Notice the one answer trend.

On the other hand, someone with a growth mindset may have thousands of ideas to attack a problem and may want to actually execute several of them to find the best solution. If they were working on a task, they tend to modify or even scrap the current plan of attack and try another path to the goal.

Working in teams is their strong suite because they allow discussion and every idea, no matter how outrageous, to be heard.

Keep in mind these are very basic definitions and I am by no means a Merriam Webster dictionary. These are however, based off a wonderful blend of knowledge from my college classes, observations, and a touch of social media. So I challenge you to create your own definition of growth and fixed mindsets!




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