Z Tech and Data Fall 2020 Update

In the recent months our digital life expanded much quicker than previously and we had to adjust to this new normal of online meetings and classes. Z Tech and Data is proud to have been there for the dozens of new and returning clients it has assisted in these pandemic times.

During the summer months I have assisted several clients with repairs, data transfers, and other services. Dozens of reborn laptops have been sold to new clients who were in of internet access.

In that time, I spent a lot of time considering if it would be possible to continue my tech and data services while attending college in York. Unfortunately, after much thought, I found it difficult to maintain my clientele while attending a full-time class schedule and working at two other jobs on campus. Therefore I have made the decision to temporarily suspend all tech and data services and options until further notice.

However, while finishing pending orders, I was preparing a new digital face of Z Tech and Data. Using Medium and Udemy, I am still here and available to contact. Of course, you can still contact me using traditional methods such as sending me an email or calling my number, but these two new methods allow me to still publish content and maintain some sort of relationship with current clients while inviting new clients to join my network.

These two new channels, Medium and Udemy are digital platforms designed to share content to anyone, anywhere. Medium is a self-publication channel where anyone can create literary works and publish them for anyone to view and respond. Udemy is an e-learning platform where users can purchase courses and learn from the instructors while asking questions about materials. The courses purchased on Udemy offer you lifetime access to return to at anytime.

While I am no longer doing tech and data services at the moment, I would be happy to assist you in other ways via calling or emailing me. I also encourage you to check out some of my content on both Medium and Udemy. (Links Below)

Thanks again for being loyal clients of Z Tech and Data and hope to continue working with each of you in the future!


Udemy Link

Medium Link